About Us

V.K. Vancheeswaran was born to V.Krishnan and Rukmani ammal in 1936. He joined RBI in 1957 as an assistant and retired as Assistant General Manager in 1996.

With the blessings of the Providence, he became a student of Swamiji Paramarthananda in 1999 in vedanta and continues to be his student. His transcription of the lectures by Swamiji on the various upanisads, Brahma sutra, Gita Bhashyam, Upadesa Sahasri, Pancadasi etc. and other works have been uploaded in the website ‘Arsh Avinash’ for information.

This website is the exclusive of V.K. Vancheeswaran entitled ‘India’s glorious Past Revisited’. It includes the prose commentary on Bhagavad Gita, and verse commentaries on nine Essential Upanisads [in sonnet format] based on the commentary by Adhi Sankaracharya and an exhaustive commentary of Thirumular’s Thirumandhiram in English.

This site also includes his various poems collections on general topics besides a collection of the stories written by him both in Tamil and English on the current topics.

Hope this site will be very useful for those who wish to peep into the India’s Glories past and our ancient vedic teachings.

Any suggestion for improvement on the above works may be addressed to his email address